Thursday, April 1, 2010


3 weeks until I graduate.

I am so happy. And so so sad.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The past couple months.

Okay as a recap on the past couple months of our lives.

I got back from my internship in California and I got an offer! So that means that when I graduate in April with my MAcc I will have a job lined up for Sep. 2010. I asked to switch from LA to Orange County and I am still waiting to hear final word on that.

I spent a few weeks recuperating :) and working on the house a bit. My mom got to come up for a few days with my brother Nick and it was super fun to work on the house together.

I went to school spring term and took nine credits, and I am also now the head TA in the accounting lab which has been fun. My favorite class was one for my minor. TMA 114. It was a theater and film structural analysis class. Super fun! I wish I could take it every semester. Now all I want to do is watch good film.

Lalo and I had our one year anniversary! We went to Vegas and stayed in these super awesome condos his cousin works at so we got a good deal. They have this lazy river and it was super fun to float around. We also spent a good three hours at the Ross on the strip which is a requirement of every visit to Vegas. It is HUGE and such a wonderland. I love Ross. I always say I could sell Ross, Netflix, and Jetblue. But Ross certainly does take some mental preparation. I go in there and load up my cart with tons of stuff and take loads in to the dressing room one at a time. Lalo has yet to raise one complaint about these trips. One time he stood by the cart for like a couple hours and this last time he shopped the whole time! Anyway, that was fun. We also saw the V show. We got cheap tickets through his cousin for that too and it was way fun to go for what we paid for them. We also busted out the top of our cake and ate that! I am a stickler for tradition so Lalo wanted to eat it the day we got back (the day after our anniversary). But I insisted we purchase a cooler to transport it and keep it in the freezer there for our anniversary! It was pretty good and the only thing we took pictures of so I will put those up sometime. Lalo had been talking about it all year so it was a big event for him!

He also busted out this battery-powered pedicure set he had gotten and gave me a pedicure/foot massage for like an hour. You could have made a pretty good sized palmful if you put all the dead skin together that he got off my feet! Ha ha sorry! I think the pedicure was maybe a little more for his benefit than mine : )

Other than that Lalo has been up to work as usual. He has also joined a lot of soccer groups. I swear he has a game like every night. But that's cool because I haven't been getting home before nine or ten every night.

So that has been our lives for the most part the past couple months. I'll update sometime with some anecdotes as I know the summary is pretty boring!

I don't post for months and this is what I choose?

-What are your middle names? Lynn. Lalo does not have one but his real name is Eduardo.
-How long have you been together? 3 1/2 years
-How long did you know each other before you started dating? Like three months?
-Who asked who out? It depends. That story is too long for this line.
-How old are each of you? 29 and 22. Guess which!
-Who's family/siblings do you see the most? Hm...maybe his immediate family the most. But we see my extended family just about every day at club gatherings.
-Do you have any children together? Nope.
-What about pets? None...I do not want to clean up pee/poop.
-What situation is hardest on you as a couple? Figuring out our plans for moving/not moving to California in a year and everything that goes with that.
-Do you go to the same school? No
-Are you from the same hometown? No
-Who is the smartest? We are smarter in our own ways. Brittney is book smart and Lalo is street smart.
-Who is the most sensitive? Brittney
-Where do you eat most as a couple? Hm. Five buck pizza? or Costa Vida? We like to switch it up.
-Where is the furthest you two have traveled as a couple? New York so far.
-Who has the worst temper? Brittney
-Who does all the cooking? There's not much cooking going on at our house....but I'd say Lalo is fixin in the kitchen more often.
-Who is more social? It depends if the environment is Spanish or English! Probably Brittney
-Who is the neat freak? Lalo!
-Who is more stubborn? Brittney!
-Who hogs the bed? Lalo would say I do. He says I sleep crooked. But everytime I get in bed after him he is already curled up on my side ready to cuddle giving me no room to breathe. So I'd say him.
-Who wakes up earlier? Brittney unless Lalo has a plane to catch to an auction.
-Where was your first date? That is debatable. I'd say the first official date was Savior of the World in Salt Lake with his parents.
-Who has the bigger family? Brittney
-Do you get flowers often? I have gotten them a total of three times....the last three Valentine's days.
-How do you spend the holiday's? Only been married for one holiday season but I think we will end up most of the time at Brittney's. Lalo's family works during the holidays. Plus they don't have Thanksgiving so that one's a given.
-Who snores louder? Lalo
-Who goes to bed first? Hm...usually the same time. Except when I stay up in bed doing homework.
-Who is more jealous? Brittney
-How long did it take you to get serious? What's serious? Exclusivity? Engaged? Married? We dated for two and 1/2 years before getting married.
-Who eats more? It depends on the day and our respective opportunities to eat. Brittney eats more "treaties."
-Who does the laundry? We each do our own except Lalo does all the underwear!! Ha ha!
-Who's better with the computer? Brittney
-Who drives when your together? Lalo.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I literally can't stand that. Like I am falling down right now.

So here's the deal. I think it's hilarious when people use the word literally when they don't mean it. It's probably partially because I think it is hilarious to interpret anything anyone says figuratively in a literal way. If that makes any sense. Those of you who know me know what I am talking about and have probably gotten annoyed by it.

But anyway, recently I have been noticing the misuse of the word literal more and more often. For example on The Bachelor when one girl said she "literally catapulted out of the limo." Twice. Wow! This one guy I work with says it all the time. One day I couldn't take it anymore and this is what happened.

Guy I Work With: If I had to take the test this Saturday I would literally be rolling dice.
Me: Really? They would make you roll dice?
Guy I Work With (Irritated): I said that I would be rolling dice.
Me (meekly after his half-shout): I know, but you said literally.
Guy I Work With: Yeah, I would literally be rolling dice.
Me (scared): ...*turns away and goes back to work*

So I learned my lesson about confronting people on that. Unless I know them really well. Which is why I didn't say anything when another person I worked with said the other day, "If you made a good video you could literally eat off of it for years." I laughed (inside) picturing someone eating off a video tape...for years.

I think my favorite was when a friend of my family emailed me and told me that I should call his daughter who had just gotten to Provo because she was "literally the fifth wheel in her apartment." Hmm.

So literally, that's my tid bit. Literally, keep your eyes open. Because you will literally laugh your guts out and your butt off next time you hear someone literally use literally wrong. And I am literally guessing you don't literally care to lose them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Parking Garage Fun

For those of you who might read this and don't know...I am currently in LA doing an internship with PwC. I've been here since the beginning of January and will be done in a couple weeks so you missed most of it, but I thought I'd record at least one adventure. It's about car trouble. Which of course I never have when I am with Lalo. But now that I am alone with no friends or family in a city I have never lived in before, it happens. Lalo says it's because I never drive my car in Utah because I am always waking up late and asking him to drive me to school. But that's beside the point.

So my car didn't start when I tried to leave work about a month ago. After trying to jump it about five times, I finally got a ride home. I was super bummed because it was Friday, and I had planned to visit my family in Fallbrook for the weekend. Too bad! So the next day was Saturday and I had to figure out how to get my car to get working before work the next Monday! My landlord was kind enough to call her neighborhood mechanic who had his tow truck guy meet us in Burbank where my car was. So we get there and his truck wouldn't fit down in the parking garage but we did try to jump my car again unsuccessfully. Trip number one.

We left and went to the mechanic. He had one of his guys drive me back and try to see if he could fix the car in the parking garage. FYI I had to go out to car each time because I had gotten a weekend pass to get into the client's parking garage and no one could go in without me. So that makes it super fun. So we get there and he couldn't fix it because something was "in the way" or something. But he did try to jump it again without success. Trip number two. Signs for ever using that car again were not looking good.

We went back to the mechanic. I got dropped off at home. When they had a pickup truck to take they called me and I went down to the mechanic again. I went with another guy over to Burbank. The two truck guy also drove over again. We hooked this pick up truck which I think was smaller than my car to my car with a metal chain and started the slow climb up the levels of the parking garage. I was so happy when we saw sunlight. Above ground finally, we got it on the tow truck and finally went back! I went home to wait for them to fix it (it needed a new starter).

I really felt quite lucky though that they even fixed it when I am sure they thought I had a dead body in my car. I had taken my garbage out Friday morning and threw it in my trunk planning to throw it away in Fallbrook. That garbage included raw meat that was weeks old. It had been sitting in my car all night, and when I opened the door the smell hit me so strongly. I don't know how they survived it.

So after I typed this I realized how boring the story really is; however, I already typed it, so I will post it. I will also always have an aversion to parking garages.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Much too clever

I long ago outsmarted those quizzes where they tell you to make a wish at the end. Now I wish someone I love would die or something. That way when they say I have to repost it for my wish to come true...well then I don't have to.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Miss New Shoes

Because I have nothing exciting going on in my life currently, I thought I might start posting random memories from my childhood.
So I wasn't always the coolest kid. I remember in about fourth grade there was this girl that always came to school looking perfect. Her mom probably spent an hour doing her hair every morning. I was intrigued by her perfection. One time I asked her if she had a different pair of shoes for every outfit. She solemnly responded in the affirmative with a slow but confident nod. One day we came in from recess and sat down for story time on the carpet. Apparently I wasn't all that fascinated by the story because I became fixated on my feet. My white sandals had a thin brown layer of dirt on them, but my white feet had a much thicker layer. Nothing has changed to this day. The bottom of my feet are still black all the time (probably because I cannot force myself to wear anything but flip flops even two weeks from Christmas). This day though, they were both black and wet--from sweat. Hmmm. Interesting. I busied myself with scratching along the bottom of my feet and filling up my fingernails with the black liquid, examining it for a bit, wiping it on the carpet next to me, and then going in for more. It would never have crossed my mind that this behavior was anything but normal until I looked up and saw the huge very visibly disgusted eyes of miss new shoes. I stopped scratching. Sheepishly.